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Watch Selma 2014 Movie Online

Selma 2014When the nurse Annie Lee Cooper wants to register to vote of the town of Selma, Alabama, the officials demanded behind the counter of her as a prerequisite in all seriousness that it can appoint all 67 judges of the County name. Such “knowledge tests” are a means to prevent the African-American percentage of population from making the right to vote only one aspect of pervasive racial discrimination in the United States in the 1960s.

At the White House, Martin Luther King at Lyndon B. Johnson representations. He urges him to finally pass the law the way it should end the discrimination against black voters. But the president, who had previously used critical to the already in force Civil Rights Act is currently occupied with other important things like the Vietnam War and complimented the guest out.

In order to enforce their demands, organize civil rights after the killing of the black deacon Jimmie Lee Jackson by a policeman a protest march from Selma to Montgomery capital. But the first demonstration of law enforcement officers, led by Sheriff Jim Clark and State Troopers Governor George Wallace brutally suppressed with the use of batons and tear gas. The event is called ” Bloody Sunday “in the story and drives the outraged demonstrators to another address

Watch Ballet 422 2015 Movie

Ballet 422 2015Justin Peck is one of the 90 dancers who dance full time at the New York City Ballet and work. With about 40 other dancers of the 25-year-old is one of the lowest Guard of the dancers. But Justin is also a choreographer. Within two months he represents the Ballet “Paz de la Jolla” on the legs. Day by day the mosaic adds more together. But the production is done on time?

On the stage of the New York City Ballet everything comes with incredible ease. But there ‘iron discipline and perseverance, peppered with some incredible degree of perfection of all stakeholders. Pain, Pride, Stamina – everything is demanded of the dancers, so the performance turns out perfectly.

In Ballet 422 shows director Jody Lee Lipes how collaboration works in such a large institution such as the New York City Ballet. He lets the audience look behind the curtain and watch the processes going through a production with all stakeholders – from the first dance move up to the world premiere. He directs the eye of the spectator with his camera settings always very attentive to details that could easily escape.

Watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014 Movie

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the group dwarfs have recaptured their kingdom of Smaug, but inadvertently also a fire-breathing terror unleashed on the world. Smaug driven by revenge creates numerous victims among the inhabitants of Lake-town. Thorin is possessed by his recaptured wealth and put his friendship with Bilbo to the side. But there is a bigger threat coming.

Gandalf, namely see that the dangerous enemy Sauron sends vast armies of Orcs to the Lonely Mountain. When darkness approaching, stand Elves, Dwarves and people for the ultimate and fateful choice: unite or perish see their kingdom. Bilbo now fighting for his life and that of his friends during the epic war of the five armies, while the future of Middle-Earth hangs by a thread. Watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014 Movie with good video and audio quality. Watch new movies online streaming without creating any paid account.

The capstone is an apotheosis of destruction and war instead of half-funny slapstick and song of dwarves, a little what the hardcore fans had requested. Unfortunately, that is also as good as anything we have seen over 144 minutes. No real plot, no tangible romance, but very few armies that fight it out with each other. There’s even little humor in the film, with the exception of some nice black humor of the animation department of the victims of the battle sometimes brings to life in a very awkward way.

Watch 20,000 Days on Earth 2014 Online Movie

20,000 Days on EarthAt the end of Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth 20,000 Days on Earth Nick Cave is on the beach and describes his world as small shimmering gap in which imagination and reality merge. A statement that not only meeting the operation of the Australian musician, but also the style of the documentary reflects which manages many places one feature film comes very close and with surprisingly little archive material.

In her directorial debut, the artist Pollard and Forsyth accompany the musicians Cave at its 20 000th Day on Earth – from the alarm clock ringing in the morning to the aforementioned beach walk at night. Editorial images take turns with staged scenes from where Cave reveals something about his life, especially about his work, be it in the dialogue with the psychiatrist or in imaginary conversations with old companions while driving.
The viewer is thus primarily insight into Caves inner life, in his philosophy, his fears, in what other him on and off the stage for more than 30 years and haunts. Almost casually makes 20,000 Days on Earth also from the creative process of writing a song about the shooting to performance.


It is increasingly clear: What matters Cave, is the transformation. That everyone wants to be at some point in their life, another whose the Australians is safe. He is every evening for awkward version of all his heroes and monsters, if he passes through the shimmering gap. How well this actually works, leads 20,000 Days on Earth in mind. Cave as a large transformer.

Watch Bird People 2014 Movie

Bird PeopleIn Transit in an international hotel near Roissy, an American computer engineer, subjected to very heavy work and emotional pressures, decided to radically change the course of his life. Hours later, a young maid in the hotel, who lives in an in-between provisional, whose life switch after a supernatural event.


Following the success of Lady Chatterley , César for Best Film in 2007, Pascale Ferran, a rare filmmaker, with book Bird People an unexpected return in a fantastic dimension that gives his latest a singular character . Watch Bird People 2014 Movie without pay any charges. Watch Online Movies Stream from safe and virus free connection.
The strangeness of the work is immediate … One is in a train RER to Paris Charles de Gaulle, to observe the busy travelers in their usual way. The look, great humanity, complexity, lightness also takes several minutes, with modesty, without voyeurism at a sum sequence alone is worth the trip into the adventure Bird People … In this train everyday, we scribbled, the abuse of its smartphone, the time is expressed in its own way. The colors, personalities and social backgrounds differ, but universality is already laid. This sequence is a great introduction to a work of domestic travel, the framework is essentially an international airport and one of its hotels, where the director will focus in particular for some, their loneliness and inner realizations. .. © Carole Bethuel Narration exploded. After attached to this constellation of life and looks, the director away from the collective to be a surgical look at an evolving lives in a hotel in Roissy handle at the expense, a priori, a balanced construction , or less canonical.


She is particularly interested in two characters will cross, influence other destinies, during a focus on cutting them, which gives it a distinct character to the structure of the film. One is played by Anaïs Demoustier student, maid, facetious observer curious social, witnessed the rustling of sheets, appointment unlikely in a no man’s land where everyone seems to existential reality of his side, where the Hotel staff is itself scrutinized in his habit gaps between home, rigid, and the sad social misery it can hide. The other character is played by Josh Charles, an American client at the edge of burn-out, received a life epiphany during a short business trip, which led to radically change life as he suddenly extended his visit to Hilton, unable to leave his room. He dropped everything, wife, children, work … Any liability. Carole Bethuel Despite this narrative treatment scattered, Ferran does not take his characters seriously. Certainly, the tone is that of a slightly unreal fancy, clean these places are impersonal hotel soulless or without own nationality rooms. Marital intrigue between Josh Charles, who announced his split with his wife, Radha Mitchell, Skype is an amazing moment in cinema, both serious, solemn, and modest, where time seems to stop.


The director uses this quasi-random cutting to go deep in the exercise of conjugal and human introspection. The emotion and metaphysics come together in these spectacular moments of intimacy. Carole Bethuel Out time outside the norm, Bird people dare originality of tone, using perhaps a little awkwardly, the metaphor of the bird-witness, who steals intended to be used. She pushes the image to pure fantasy, transforming the maid Demoustier in small winged creature, adapting the adage “If I were a mouse …” geography of the film. It is believed at least process, although very beautiful moments are yet to report … But this sequence that occurs very late, proved to be a notch below the general excellence of the film, where, for more than 1:30, Pascale Ferran’s work bordered on perfection. Selected at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard, Bird People flits much with style and panache, affecting the intimacy of being to achieve a kind of poignant universality. A remarkable achievement in a decidedly unwavering filmography.

Watch The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them 2014 Online Movie

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them A story of two people who find themselves until one of them disappears and both pain remains. A fresh wave yet this seems to be never, because Ned Benson in this country appearing film is not chuck that product of its parts, but a strategy that producer Harvey Weinstein, two perspectives on a monetary and short of breath. Namely those of him and those of her. Him and Her . “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” is not a movie, but actually three. Although only the compilation Them finally coming to Germany. And the timid whose uniqueness from the third party perspective moves from outside to inside. Watch The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them 2014 Online Movie with HD rip quality. Watch Movies Stream Online without create any premium account.

However, rather than a coherent whole, and thus entitled Putting Them to formulate the film from the formless to act out later disciplined. To add Them not the perspectives of Him and Her , but grows from the perspective of different contexts: parents, sister, friend – even from the glass which holds a firefly. Eleanor Rigby loves Conor Ludlow. Conor Ludlow loves Eleanor Rigby. Fragile, yearning, enervated, childlike. A love between deuces in their thirties; he gepampertes a father’s boy, who runs a restaurant – she, in whose hand is always juggling the daughter of a college professor and a French artist, a wine glass. After a sequence of youthful euphoria in which it newly in love flee a restaurant after Conor can not pay the bill, Benson has a fantastic once seven years later in the suicide attempt Eleanor

Watch Pride 2014 Full Movie Online

prideEngland 1984: for weeks forcing Margaret Thatcher’s iron hand the miners strike. In order to support the workers in their struggle, formed in London a tiny squad to “LG.SM”, the “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners’ group. For since they themselves are so marginalized their idea of ​​society, they need to show solidarity with other minorities. Watch Pride 2014 Full Movie Online without pay any money. Watch free movies online with high rip quality.


When her appeal for donations has had great success, you’re invited to a small village miners in Wales. But the reservations about the otherness is huge … solidarity is the main theme in Matthew Warchus wonderful film, based on true events. This immediately awakens memories of the equally magnificent WE WANT SEX on the strike of British factory workers. With an impressive cast and an excellent script succeeds Warchus, the audience unreservedly to win for the good cause and at the same time paving the way for the solidarity with gays and lesbians.


As an important dramaturgical means the music used in the film, on the one hand evokes the rhythms of the 1980s and the other with a score written by Christopher Nightingale (played by the Babelsberg Film Orchestra) serves the emotional level perfectly and ensures that you the cinema at the end leaves with a true exhilaration. Be sure to look!

Watch The Boxtrolls 2014 Movie Online

The BoxtrollsIt is possible that the effects achieved by computer animation are amazing and they can get to create realistic and beautifully finished pieces but the art of stop motion , at least for a server, manages to give a stale taste and closer than hardly achieved by other techniques. Probably has to do with the fact that in many cases the drawings remind me of my childhood. Watch The Boxtrolls 2014 Movie Online for free without pay any charges. Watch Animation Movies online with HD Rip quality.

The study commissioned to do this piece is the North American manufacturer specializing in stop motion animation based in Oregon: Laika, LLC . Following Caroline (2009) films and the ParaNorman (2012) is currently working on The Boxtrolls.

The new project, which we see in Spain in the fall of 2014, is an adaptation of the novel by Alan Snow: Here be monsters The story is about an orphan boy named Eggs who was raised in the underground for a few garbage collectors called Boxtrolls . Eggs will have to save their friends snacher Archibald, an exterminator villain who wants to kill them. Then I leave you with the trailer of the film for months that can be found online.


The novelty we offer in this post is a new video uploaded by the producer in which you can appreciate the laborious process of creating the characters, settings and features that each point in detail and care. We hope you enjoy and do not forget … in a few months the screen reaches our cinemas.

Watch The Drop 2014 Online Movie

MV5BMTkyNjMzODUzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjIxNDI1MTE@._V1_SX214_AL___1408344517_112.196.14.132In late June of last year we learned the sad news of the death of James Gandolfini , an actor who many remember for having given life to Tony Soprano in the TV The Sopranos, but also had a long career in film. Now I bring you the trailer and poster for The Drop, the last film shot by Gandolfini and which will also see Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace . Watch The Drop 2014 Online Movie from safe and virus free connection. Watch Movie Streaming without pay any bucks.
Gandolfini will play at ‘The Drop’ hard owner of a bar where she works -Hardy- Bob, who is involved in a robbery that does not end too well and starts an investigation that threatens to uncover the troubled past of many of the locals. ‘The Drop’ has the added attraction of being a film adaptation of a novel by Dennis Lehane , the author behind the stories that led to titles like Mystic River or Shutter Island.


‘The Drop’ also marks the debut in American cinema of Michaël R. Roskam , director who got an Oscar nomination for best foreign language film with Bullhead, his first feature-the prize was finally hands of Nader and Simin A Separation. The American premiere of ‘The Drop’ is scheduled for September 19, while in Spain we have to wait until November 7th .

Watch Frontera 2014 Movie Online

MV5BMTQwOTA2NTM3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDY1OTU5MTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL___1408180485_112.196.14.132It is an unwritten law that you must meet if he starts shooting a movie with Ed Harris, must see. This time we’re going to the border drama, with little joys, to say no and aims to humanize from his plot of 100 minutes, the issue of immigration. Ed Harris is the retired Sheriff of a border county, other than landlord, because you have to see if it lands man. By their lands often spend immigrants from Mexico to the United States. Watch Frontera 2014 Movie Online without pay any charges. Watch free online movie streaming from safe and virus free connection.

For reasons fools an accident in which a woman dies of Ed Harris who believes that the responsible is a Mexican, in this case Michael Pena, who was with his wife when Harris comes true. Well no more, the issue is not know who, because you know when it happens, the issue is that from here we have a melodrama with the issue of immigration, nachos snipers that come across the border, an accident juvenile nonsense and those who profit from the Mexican side of the desperation of the people.


Alegre is not, by any means, but it is kind, has its emotional moments with Ed Harris seems carved in stone forever, but it handles like the viewer wants to convey whatever it takes. Besides many Mexicans apparent that they note that Spanish is not your native language, we have Eva Longoria, who does not say a word in English but also says many in Spanish, it is much less noticeable than others , not to say that you will not notice anything, other than your language. Ed Harris and drama, do not say more to sell it.