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Bird PeopleIn Transit in an international hotel near Roissy, an American computer engineer, subjected to very heavy work and emotional pressures, decided to radically change the course of his life. Hours later, a young maid in the hotel, who lives in an in-between provisional, whose life switch after a supernatural event.


Following the success of Lady Chatterley , César for Best Film in 2007, Pascale Ferran, a rare filmmaker, with book Bird People an unexpected return in a fantastic dimension that gives his latest a singular character . Watch Bird People 2014 Movie without pay any charges. Watch Online Movies Stream from safe and virus free connection.
The strangeness of the work is immediate … One is in a train RER to Paris Charles de Gaulle, to observe the busy travelers in their usual way. The look, great humanity, complexity, lightness also takes several minutes, with modesty, without voyeurism at a sum sequence alone is worth the trip into the adventure Bird People … In this train everyday, we scribbled, the abuse of its smartphone, the time is expressed in its own way. The colors, personalities and social backgrounds differ, but universality is already laid. This sequence is a great introduction to a work of domestic travel, the framework is essentially an international airport and one of its hotels, where the director will focus in particular for some, their loneliness and inner realizations. .. © Carole Bethuel Narration exploded. After attached to this constellation of life and looks, the director away from the collective to be a surgical look at an evolving lives in a hotel in Roissy handle at the expense, a priori, a balanced construction , or less canonical.


She is particularly interested in two characters will cross, influence other destinies, during a focus on cutting them, which gives it a distinct character to the structure of the film. One is played by Anaïs Demoustier student, maid, facetious observer curious social, witnessed the rustling of sheets, appointment unlikely in a no man’s land where everyone seems to existential reality of his side, where the Hotel staff is itself scrutinized in his habit gaps between home, rigid, and the sad social misery it can hide. The other character is played by Josh Charles, an American client at the edge of burn-out, received a life epiphany during a short business trip, which led to radically change life as he suddenly extended his visit to Hilton, unable to leave his room. He dropped everything, wife, children, work … Any liability. Carole Bethuel Despite this narrative treatment scattered, Ferran does not take his characters seriously. Certainly, the tone is that of a slightly unreal fancy, clean these places are impersonal hotel soulless or without own nationality rooms. Marital intrigue between Josh Charles, who announced his split with his wife, Radha Mitchell, Skype is an amazing moment in cinema, both serious, solemn, and modest, where time seems to stop.


The director uses this quasi-random cutting to go deep in the exercise of conjugal and human introspection. The emotion and metaphysics come together in these spectacular moments of intimacy. Carole Bethuel Out time outside the norm, Bird people dare originality of tone, using perhaps a little awkwardly, the metaphor of the bird-witness, who steals intended to be used. She pushes the image to pure fantasy, transforming the maid Demoustier in small winged creature, adapting the adage “If I were a mouse …” geography of the film. It is believed at least process, although very beautiful moments are yet to report … But this sequence that occurs very late, proved to be a notch below the general excellence of the film, where, for more than 1:30, Pascale Ferran’s work bordered on perfection. Selected at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard, Bird People flits much with style and panache, affecting the intimacy of being to achieve a kind of poignant universality. A remarkable achievement in a decidedly unwavering filmography.