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651249e0151a2e3f9c9e1337635cc330__1407394702_112.196.14.134Movies from Hungary definitely do not see every day, even though the country has a rich cinematic tradition, both artistically and technically. In Thessaloniki Film Festival had the chance to watch the A Nagy fü Zet , the year the country’s formal proposal for the Oscars.

End of WWII. The country has sided with the Axis powers. Two twin boys around 13 live a relatively quiet life. Their father has been called to the front and her mother decides to let the grandmother, which have cut off all contact for twenty years, living on a farm on the border of the country, feeling that it is not safe in the city. Unique stores, one Bible to continue their education and a large notebook in which their father, asking them to write everything from their daily lives. The brutal grandmother however, makes the first minute life hell. I do not even speak with their names but as “bastards” and puts them to work hard on the farm to earn the plate of food that gives them. Physical and verbal abuse is routine, but the boys instead of bent, decide to survive . Watch The Notebook 2014 Movie Online with high definition quality. Watch Free Movie Online Stream without any need to download it.

Often one may have wondered, what can make a person violent , and sometimes the answer is, grow up. The scene in which he is required to survive the children are a prime example of how even the most innocent soul can be turned into a monster . The boys did not just survive, but ex-fiddle to anything can cause them pain. They hit each other furiously to get used to the wood remain fasted for days to get used to hunger, kill insects and small animals can kill a man, and when the time comes. Extorting and stealing, while reading the Bible. boys within a few months transformed, physically and mentally .


A key role in this transformation played by two young actors and Andres Liszt Gyemant , that convinced utterly that two middle-class, slightly spoiled young boys entering puberty, lead to clearly discern the morbid glance, a little Hannibal and the accomplice . This change becomes more evident towards the end of the film, when the war ends and the new “skills” come into their shocking application .