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MV5BMjA1MTMzNDU0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzg5ODM5MTE@._V1_SX214_AL___1407477891_112.196.14.134One may think of Eli Roth and his films, whatever you want, no doubt his Regimentation purely directorial aspects have so far been steadily improving. After the anarchic fun “Cabin Fever” and the simple but effective torture study “Hostel” surprised the second part of the “Hostel” series with some all around successful, atmospheric “Set Pieces” – just think of the eerie sequence shot at the fair. A great storyteller Roth was maybe not, after all, but a genre expert with picture sense, seemed to have learned how he could use his beloved splatter scenes targeted. Then followed a series of theater performances and producers-Posten, the results are less optimistic voted: Blogging “The Last Exorcism” nor as a solid genre entry, reached “Aftershock” new, unprecedented depths.


His protagonists are become as a caricature Shower students who run ignorant, shoot controlled and blue-eyed to their doom. way makes in “The Green Inferno” a group of supposed do-guiders from local college on in the Peruvian jungle there to steer via Twitter attention to the imminent extinction of an indigenous tribe. The constant phone Geknipse of students is important because it is the bridge to the great idol, the notorious film “Cannibal Holocaust”. This was followed in documentary-style television a team in a similar jungle – and ended, incidentally, to the point that the TV people were capable of far worse atrocities than the “savages”. The New-Media-track results so in the context of meaning, but annoying too soon beyond measure. Watch The Green Inferno 2014 Movie Online from virus less connection. Watch Free Movie streaming online just on one click with high definition quality.


For Roth’s film looks as if he had taken himself to the smartphone. When their plane crashes on the way back over the middle of the jungle, the noisy teens eventually kidnapped by the very natives who wanted to save them originally. With biting cynicism – and added one of the few witty ideas of the film – turns Eli Roth this twist of fate a bit further: The only hope of the prisoners is now waiting for the bulldozers of the group who wants the piece of jungle raze . At the same time turn out to be probably the red-painted by the talented artist “Indians” but as cannibals and begin their bloody work. At least now, it is hoped, Roth will find back to its core competencies: Ultra-sharp splatter scenes that roll up to the viewer toenails.


Dramatically it is then also quickly and violently, even here, however, is very clear that Roth simply lost its talent has. Because the scenes are not nearly with as much diabolical calculus filmed such as the infamous scythe scene in the second “Hostel”. It flows gallons of fake blood and mindless vulgarity is calculated on one of the female main characters almost made ​​a circumcision. That is all very unappetizing, leaving a but unlike Roth’s earlier attacks – not to mention the more than dubious original cannibals strip -. Rather disillusioned as distraught Finally fails “The Green Inferno” mainly because he more like a failed parody of the genre acts instead as a sincere homage. The constant wee-wee, Kaka- and pothead jokes, the excessive youth and the long-winded about constructed plot suggest that Eli Roth has lost what once characterized him still: His sense of genre mechanisms. Here he has now turned a dull, loveless teen dud with a bit of dysentery. In the true darkness, in the depths that open up in these stories, he no longer dares. The Merciless negotiations between civilization and savagery of the ancient cannibal films he does not want new unravel, he hides behind flat jokes. Horror is another way.