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Watch Love Is Strange 2014 Movie

MV5BMTk5MTkxOTI1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzAwNDA4MTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL___1405063659_112.196.14.132It is the happiest day in the lives of two New York: After they’ve been together for almost four decades, giving the painter Ben and the singing teacher George tied the knot. They celebrate with the family in their apartment and want to send now spend her life in a romantic escapade. But when the diocese, responsible for the Catholic school where Ben has been working for years as a choral conductor, will notice from the wedding ceremony, the happiness is over for the first time.
George is released, and with the income halved, the two can no longer afford their home. Your family is looking for a solution. Because pull out from Manhattan is not an option for the artist couple. So George pulls the party crazy cop couples Roberto and Ted ¬†on the couch while Ben finds a place in the bunk bed of the son of his nephew. It grows not only the desire of the two lovebirds, but it also comes in other familial tensions. Especially Kate, the wife of Ben’s nephew, feels disturbed by the new roommate in their work. Watch Latest Movies stream online for free without any need to download it.

Director Ira Sachs knows the milieu of the film to be reported, only too well. Also the Sundance Darling, who is open to his homosexuality, is not getting any younger, and Love is Strange depicts the cosmopolitan New York City living at it’s best . It is a family friendly gay film about getting older, perhaps sometimes a bit crowded acts of the figures, but never fake .


John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play the couple dazzling. Whether singing together at the piano or sometimes scolding when disputes – they can be a on the roles and form the heart of the film. And physical love is not too short – without the camera keeps it fully. There are also no more Adonise. The equally outstanding Marisa Tomei and Charlie Tahan Here the teenager fade somewhat, their storylines are the most sophisticated in this rather large family. For real highlights are not offered the story. Who then is the French literature has stolen from the library or whether Bob is a good or a bad painter, is a minor matter.
Between dining table-quarrels and Manhattan apartment search for older semester develop in Love is Strange the everyday problems of human togetherness. Without Sentimentaliäten the creative bohemian of the upper middle class is described. Beautiful and sad at the same time, how life just so plays. Strange this love is never, but simply normal.