Attraction to Paris 2021

Title: Attraction to Paris
Directors: Jesús del Cerro
Writer: Irmgard Pagan, Jesús del Cerro
Stars: Christopher Atkins, Tara Reid, Dina De Laurentiis

Attraction to Paris 2021 movie is directed and written by Jesus del Cerro. This movie is also written and a story by Irmgard Pagan. Attraction to Paris 2021 movie stars Christopher Atkins, Tara Reid, Dina De Laurentiis. The story of this movie is based on a college girl named Heather. A college girl decides to go on a trip to Europe. She went to Europe because she wants to clear her mind from her father’s recent death. After arriving in Europe she meets up with three young Parisian trust fund babies. The threesome of Pierre, Olivier, and Astrid quickly draws in Heather. Heather’s first nights are full of fun. Heather enjoying the underground nightclub scene that Paris has to offer is quickly putting her mind at ease. She came across a murder in progress, plan by a terror cell. She is putting her life in danger as the main witness. Visit Moviesjoy website for free Hollywood movies without any charges.