Fist of the North Star Online Movie: After the downfall of society, there have emerged two educational institutions of fighting styles, the Northern Celebrity university and the Southeast Combination university. Lord Leg, leader of the Southeast Combination university, destroys Ryuken, Fists of the Northern Celebrity. Ryuken’s son Kenshiro now gets the role of Fists of the Northern Celebrity. Kenshiro comes to the aid of the people of Paradise Valley as they are penetrated and flooded by Shin’s Crossmen. At the same time, Leg has also kidnapped Kenshiro’s love Julia and is forcing her to become his. Kenshiro sets out to stop Leg, something that will culminate in a fight between the Southeast Combination and Northern Celebrity educational institutions. Fist of the North Star Online Movie with good audio and video quality. Now you can watch free movie streaming without pay any charges.