Girl in the Basement 2021

Title: Girl in the Basement 2021
Directors: Elisabeth Röhm
Writer: Manu Boyer, Leslie Greif
Stars: Jake Etheridge, Sydney Kowalske, Liam Pileggi

Girl in the Basement is a 2021 released crime, thriller movie. The movie’s story is based on a true event “Josef Fritzl case”. In the movie, we can see a girl Sara. She is very excited about his 18th birthday. After his birthday she wants to go away from his family and start a new journey. But on her birthday, his father locked him in the basement of the house. Her father tries to convince the whole family is that Sara ran away. He secretly visits the basement and rapes her daughter from time to time. He kept his daughter captive for 24 years and gives birth to seven children. In the end, how she escapes from the basement and faces everyone, is the real thrill of the movies. Visit here for a free online movie stream without any charges.