Hero Dog: The Journey Home 2021

Title: Hero Dog: The Journey Home 2021
Directors: Richard Boddington
Writer: Richard Boddington, Richard Clark
Stars: Steve Byers, Zackary Arthur, Donovan Brown

Hero Dog The Journey Home is an adventure movie where Royce Davis(Steve Byers) is a blind person and he hires a boat to reach his home. The captain is in his old age and he always rides with his dog(chinook). When they are in the mid of the lake the captain suddenly gets sick and the boat is out of control. The boat takes him to an unknown island where no one anywhere and he takes the decision to gets out of the boat with the chinook. On the island, chinook works as a guide for him and makes a suitable path for him. Royce’s family also gives his all efforts to rescue Royce. Enjoy here online movies stream without any charges.