Ip Man 4-The Finale 2019

Title: Ip Man 4-The Finale 2019
Directors: Wilson Yip
Writer: Tai-lee Chan, Hiroshi Fukazawa
Stars: Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen, Kwok-Kwan Chan

Ip Man lived a simple life with his son after his wife passed away. His apprentice Bruce Lee went to the United States to teach martial arts to foreigners in the United States, offending other martial arts centers in Chinatown Difficult for locals everywhere. Later, Ip Man went to the United States to go to the martial arts hall opened by his apprentice Bruce Lee. However, he saw that the Chinese were severely discriminated against and oppressed by white people. He decided to challenge the white people, and convinced the world with Wing Chun and virtue to stand in the sky and let the world see, and finally became a great master.