Phobias 2021

Title: Phobias 2021
Directors: Camilla Belle, Maritte Lee Go
Writer: Camilla Belle, Broderick Engelhard
Stars: Alexis Knapp, Leonardo Nam, Charlotte McKinney

Phobias is a 2021 released horror, thriller movie which is directed by Camilla Belle and four others. The movie story follows the character Johnny (Leonardo Nam) who lives with his father to take care of her. One day he got an unknown message on mobile by another side that makes him scared of it. An unknown person wants to become a friend and Johnny reluctantly agrees. After that Johny was kidnapped and wake up in a science lab which looks like a prison. Where he meets four other people, who were also be kidnaped like him. These five people are suffering from different phobias, that’s why they were kidnapped by an evil doctor. The Docter team runs diabolical experiments on them. They were successful in their experiments or not is a real thrill of the movie. Visit here to watch movies free online without any charges.