Texas Chainsaw 2013 Movie


Texas Chainsaw 2013 Movie: Texas Chainsaw is a latest released Thriller and Horror movie. The releasing date of this picture is 4 January 2013. The star rating of this film is 4.9 out of 10. Its director is John Luessenhop. Its story is written by two writers Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan. It is starring Scott Eastwood, Trey Songz and Alexandra Daddario. Eager to learn more about a past at this point everything to be rewritten, Heather decided to go to Newt, a small town in Texas, where he awaits the mysterious legacy. Accompanied by her boyfriend Ryan ( Trey Songz ) and a couple of friends, Nikki ( Tania Raymonde ) and Kenny ( Keram Sanchez ), The beautiful Heather discovers with amazement to be the sole registered holder of an immense villa farmhouse surrounded by a beautiful garden. Everything looks fantastic in appearance but in reality the villa hides a terrible secret that from the basement of the house and will soon be for young friends will be just the beginning of an adventure nightmare. You can watch Full Length movies online without any streaming. Watch this free online free of cost.