The Kid Detective 2020

Title: The Kid Detective 2020
Directors: Evan Morgan
Writer: Evan Morgan
Stars: Adam Brody, Sophie Nélisse, Sarah Sutherland

Stream high definition hollywood movie The Kid Detective 2020 free online. Famed at the age of twelve for his detective skills, Abe Applebaum, and at 32 lives his childhood dream. His dream is to become a real detective and solving real crimes. But in a small town, according to the plot, something serious rarely happens. Abe himself eventually turned into an over-aged teenager in the eyes of others. But one day a girl comes to him and asks to solve the murder case of her boyfriend. And this is where the fun begins. Our hero realizes that this is his X-hour and there may not be another such chance to prove himself. Enjoy movie stream hd movies without any sign up.