The Lockdown Hauntings 2021

Title: The Lockdown Hauntings 2021
Directors: Howard J. Ford
Writer: Howard J. Ford
Stars: Tony Todd, Angela Dixon, Heather Peace

The Lockdown Hauntings is a horror film in Hollywood. The film is coordinated by Howard J. Portage with the entertainer Tony Todd, Angela Dixon, Heather Peace. The Movie story set in the hour of the lockdown where everybody is secured in their homes. There is nobody on the streets and parks. But around there, some unnatural occurrences have happened where nobody appears behind the activity. In the investigation, it establishes that a malicious soul out of its grave and chases individuals. The evil soul has belongs to a serial killer who wants to become a celebrity. The evil soul indeed to kills individuals for getting popularity. Visit here to streaming film free of Hollywood without any charges.