The Truth Movie


The Truth Movie:┬áThe successful businessman John (John Heard) and his younger, beautiful wife Erin (Erin Cardillo) lead an exemplary marriage and financially secure life in a posh estate.┬áHer life in an orderly fashion.┬áInfidelities or jealousies were made before and also in the sexual sense there is no reason to complain.┬áWhen the intruder Gabriel (Brendan Sexton III), the couple surprised in the middle of the night and takes hostages, but put their relationship to a severe test.┬áThe violent intruder seems to know their darkest secrets and is not afraid, they divulge too unrestrained.┬áBut Gabriel’s revelations actually correspond to the truth?┬áAnd what plan pursues the intruder at all?┬áThe Truth Movie watch online full movie with very good audio and video quality. Watch online movies for free without create any sign up account.