Watch Free State of Jones 2016 Movie

htegPLOT: “Free State of Jones” a Civil War, American history, 11 slave states seceded from the federal government and created the Confederation, which fought against the Union from 1861 to 1865. It was a conflict between industrial and agricultural free states with slaves, North against South, blue against gray. History that had shades of gray in the South, with some shading to the blue. Not all Southern lined up behind Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and the rest. Some did not want anything to do with the Confederacy. Newton Knight is one of them. Newton served in the Confederate army, carrying the wounded from the bloody battlefields to hospitals. He has no slaves. It does not have cotton plantations. They do not care for the rights of the southern states or honor. He is part of the war effort because President Davis told him he had to. Enjoy more Latest Action Movie From Direct and safe Links.