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Watch Would You Rather Online Movie: Would You Rather is a latest released Horror and thriller film. The IMDb rating of this film is 5.8 out of 10. It was released 14 October 2012. David Guy Levy is a film instructor and it is written by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen. It is starring Jonny Coyne, Jeffrey Combs and Brittany Snow. The young Iris, orphaned, must take care to terminally ill brother Raleigh, who need medical care to survive, at least for a while ‘, with its condition. But Iris is pretty darn poor, no money, no job and can not help in any way his brother, so the billionaire Shepard Lambrick invites you to participate in a game, in the evening, promising, in case you win, a very high sum in money. It is 8 in the evening. Iris comes enthusiast in the house where Shepard had made an appointment and here he meets other “competitors.” After a presentation, they all sit down at the table and dinner is provided. Lambrick, also called Bevans, is seated at the head table and immediately shows a domineering and threatening attitude towards the guests. Now you can watch Online Movies For Free without create any membership account. Watch Would You Rather Online Movie with good audio and video quality.