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42 2013 Movie Online: The film depicts very positive portrayals of Robinson and Hickey, without it being a negative point, I felt the need, following the viewing, do a little research on this period in the life of Robinson to see if there was errors if the true interpretation of these figures were correct. Apart from a few factual errors like when Robinson asked his girlfriend Rachel (Nicole Beharie) in marriage, the film depicts a fairly realistic portrait of that time in the life of baseball legend. A landmark film scene was even taken verbatim. Rickey knew he could not recruit any black player to assume the role of the first black player in history, racism is pervasive in American society at the time, so he wanted to make sure Robinson endures Racism without anger or revolt because it will mean the end of the career of Robinson and other black players potential. 42 2013 Movie Online with good audio and video quality. Watch online movies for free without create any sign up account.