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Watch Dark Skies Movie Online: Dark Skies is a new release Horror and Thriller movie. The releasing date of this film is 22 February 2013. The IMDb rating of this film is 6.1 out of 10. Scott Stewart is a movie director and screenplay writer. It is featuring Dakota Goyo, Josh Hamilton and Keri Russell. Daniel Barrett and his wife Lacy live together with their two children in a large house in a safe neighborhood. Because Daniel can not find work and his wife as a broker may record any success, the couple has a financial problem, which weighed heavily on the relationship between the two. When, at once eerie things happen at night, and the youngest son begins to suffer from terrible nightmares, which finally seems to collapse outward intact family life. But when suddenly the alarm reporting a burglary in which all eight sensors were touched at the same time, it seems clear that not just anyone, but something in the house, and thus the family haunts.Film concepts that receive particularly high praise and positive criticism will be gladly and often copied or retold. You can watch Online Movies For Free without any charges or without create any premium account.