Thirteen Days Watch Online

Thirteen Days Watch Online:¬†October 1962: American reconnaissance aircraft observe troop movements in Cuba.¬†Immediately take the photos into the Pentagon – the USSR has deployed nuclear¬†Interscholastic¬†near the American coast.¬†The personal security adviser to the president, Kenneth O’Donnell (Kevin Costner) Is quickly taken out of the routine rut.¬†The John F. Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) Convened crisis committee debated the possibilities.¬†The conservative military demand the immediate first strike against Cuba, with subsequent invasion, but still hesitates Kennedy – not least for fear that want to break a war by all means the Falcons.¬†Together with brother Robert (Steven Culp) O’Donnell and he tries to avoid an escalation, ideally in secrecy to avoid public panic.¬†Defense Secretary Robert McNamara finally found a workable compromise: A naval blockade against Cuba.¬†In a television address Kennedy ultimately the decision is known – like a wildfire grips the fear in the U.S. around.¬†But that is only the beginning: still control Russian ships to Cuba and O’Donnell and the two Kennedys walk on a tightrope between peace and nuclear disaster, in which not only delicate diplomacy is needed to the outside, but the enemy in their own rows lurking .¬†Thirteen Days Watch Online with good audio and video quality. Watch Online Movies Stream for free without create any sign up account.