Thirteen Days Watch Online

Thirteen Days Watch Online: October 1962: American reconnaissance aircraft observe troop movements in Cuba. Immediately take the photos into the Pentagon – the USSR has deployed nuclear Interscholastic near the American coast. The personal security adviser to the president, Kenneth O’Donnell (Kevin Costner) Is quickly taken out of the routine rut. The John F. Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) Convened crisis committee debated the possibilities. The conservative military demand the immediate first strike against Cuba, with subsequent invasion, but still hesitates Kennedy – not least for fear that want to break a war by all means the Falcons. Together with brother Robert (Steven Culp) O’Donnell and he tries to avoid an escalation, ideally in secrecy to avoid public panic. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara finally found a workable compromise: A naval blockade against Cuba. In a television address Kennedy ultimately the decision is known – like a wildfire grips the fear in the U.S. around. But that is only the beginning: still control Russian ships to Cuba and O’Donnell and the two Kennedys walk on a tightrope between peace and nuclear disaster, in which not only delicate diplomacy is needed to the outside, but the enemy in their own rows lurking . Thirteen Days Watch Online with good audio and video quality. Watch Online Movies Stream for free without create any sign up account.