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Watch Online The Contract Movie:¬†Ray (John Cusack) decision in the context of “attracting the family ties” to go camping with his teenage son Chris.¬†Chris namely smoked a joint and because he is a heroin addiction in the eyes of the average righteous, godly¬†baseball dad¬†only one step away, it is time that father and son some “quality time” going to spend and so they decide a few days to go camping in the wilds of Washington State.¬†Soon they encounter a U.S. Marshall that a prisoner named Frank Cordell (Morgan Freeman) has with him.¬†The law enforcement is heavily wounded and calls just before he takes his last breath or Ray ensure wants to wear that Frank is delivered to the authorities.¬†Frank is not just a villain, but a professional assassin and his team is eagerly looking for him.¬†Ray is a former police officer and a gentleman and so decides to take even this command to Frank makes it very clear that there is a team of trained assassins around is to save him.¬†Watch Online The Contract Movie with good audio and video quality. You an watch free movie streaming without create any sign up account.¬†